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Manoj Kumar


Manoj is a seasoned professional and adept technologist. He enjoys exploring the entire software development lifecycle and is especially interested in solving problems in Software Quality, Digital Transformation, Human-Computer Interaction, and Cloud Computing spaces. Having worked in enterprises, Fintech, and early-stage startups for over 15 years, Manoj brings a wealth of experience. Notably, he is a contributor to the Selenium project and serves on the project leadership committee for Selenium. He genuinely believes that sharing knowledge and experiences strengthens our community. Manoj is a member and Distinguished Speaker of the ACM and IEEE Computer Society. He has given keynote addresses and technical talks at numerous international conferences on software engineering and testing in over 12 countries. Manoj has previously worked at startups like Applitools and LambdaTest and has been a part of digital transformation programs at leading companies such as ThoughtWorks, Wipro, and IAG, among others.

About the Presentation

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